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Friday, 12 June 2015

Mummification Instructions

Over the past two weeks in our English lessons, we have been learning how to write instructions.  We linked this to our Egyptian topic by learning about the process of mummification.  Our hot task was to write a set of detailed instructions to explain how to mummify a body.

Our success criteria said that our instructions we had to include:
- Time connectives
- Imperative verbs
- A title and subheadings
- Adverbs

In today's lesson we followed our instructions to mummify a person.  We were looking at how easy the instructions were to follow and whether they included enough detail.

The first volunteer to be mummified was a very brave Jethro!  Jannath followed his instructions to see if they explained what she needed to do.

Next it was Alexandra's turn to be mummified.  Sarib followed Anees' instructions to mummify her body.

Here are some of the instructions that we wrote.  Do you think they include all of the features in the Success Criteria?

How to mummify a body

You will need:
-Canopic jars

What to do:
1. First you will need to get fresh water from the River Nile and pour it carefully over the body.
2. Next, dry the body with salt.
3. Then take out the organs slowly and put them into canopic jars.
4. After that, carefully pull out the brain through the nose with a hook.
5. Then put the heart back in.
6. Wrap the body carefully in bandages and decorate the sarcophagus.
7. Finally, put special amulets in the sarcophagus with body.

by Jannath

How to mummify a person

You will need:
- Salt

1.  First you will need water from the River Nile so you can wash the body.
2. Next, quickly dry the person in salt and leave them for 40-50 days so that the body doesn't go rotten.
3. Take out the organs slowly because they don't need them in their afterlife.
4.  Take the brain out with a hook very carefully and throw it in the River Nile.
5. Then put the heart back in because Egyptians thought that would help you for your afterlife.
6. After that, carefully wrap bandages around the body 20 times.
7.  Quickly decorate the sarcophagus with bright colours.
8. Put special items in the sarcophagus and then finally your mummy is ready!

by Anees

How to mummify a body

You will need:
- Bandages
-Canopic jars

What to do:
1. First carefully wash the body in clean water from the Nile.
2. Then dry the body with salt and wait patiently for about 40 days.
3. After that you need to carefully pull out the internal organs.  Put them into canopic jars.
4. Then get a hook and cautiously pull out the brain.  You can put it in the bin.
5.  Next put the heart carefully back into the body.
6. After  that gently wrap the body in bandages.
7. Next use paint to decorate the sarcophagus.
8. Finally put amulets carefully in with the body and then you have a mummified body!

by Ian


  1. I had fun being mummified the table is very un comftable!!!!!!!!!! Alexandra